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August 16, 2012

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Image from the Tesla Museum Donation site

If you are not familiar with Nikola Tesla please read this link first.  That link should explain to you why Tesla was the greatest geek that ever lived.   If you want to read more now, head to his wikipedia page.   Do you still want more Tesla?  Who wouldn’t want more Tesla?  The creator of The Oatmeal is collecting funds to buy one of Tesla’s old laboratories and turn it into a Tesla Museum.

The Oatmeal is a better salesman on this than I am, so click this link to read about the funding effort.    This can really move forward and happen.  Shouldn’t a great man like Tesla have his own museum?  I live in a state that has an Edison museum, and he didn’t have nearly the impact on the world that Tesla did.

I donated at the fifty dollar level, within twenty minutes another twenty thousand was donated.  You can go to this site and donate now.   It’s for a worthy cause.   Support your fellow geeks.

Do you want to read more Tesla?  Here are some books by or about him:

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