The Man With One Red Shoe

August 21, 2012

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Sunday, before I watched The Grifters, I watched The Man with One Red Shoe.  This movie is a pure product of the eighties.  It is a romantic comedy with very little romance.  While we are at it, it has very little comedy by today’s standards.

Film synopsis from IMDB:

Cooper, the deputy director of the CIA, wants to be the director. So, he tries to smear the director into resigning or being removed. The director, who knows that Cooper has been bugging him, feeds him some false information–that there’s a man who might be able to clear of the charges against him will be arriving at the airport, so he sends his man, Brown to meet him. Brown was just suppose to make contact with anyone at the airport thus making Cooper believe that he is the man who can help the director. Brown picks Richard cause he is wearing mismatched shoes, one of them being red. So Cooper sets up surveillance on Richard and sends his femme fatale, Maddy to come on to him and find out what he knows. While Maddy is playing, Richard actually falls for her.

There movie stars Tom Hanks, Dabney Coleman, and Lori Singer in the lead roles.  Some other notable actors in the movie are Carrie Fisher, Jim Belushi, and Edward Hermann (the main vampire from The Lost Boys).   Tom Hanks plays the quirky comical straight man, who is oblivious the comedy around him.   I didn’t recognize Lori Singer  (of Footloose fame) at first, I thought her role was played by Daryl Hannah until the credits rolled.  Dabney Coleman is a guilty geek pleasure actor, mostly from his appearances in War Games and Cloak & Dagger.

None of these actors though come together in a coherent enough movie that will last the test of time.   It is a normal mistaken identity comedy, with very few laughs.   There are only two parts of the movie I chuckled.  The first being the bad plumbing job in the bathroom.   The second is Belushi seeing dead bodies everywhere.   These two scenes don’t make it a reason to actually watch the movie. For someone who loves Star Wars, and hence the attraction to Princess Leia that goes along with that, I did get to see Carrie Fisher in a bra and panties

Image from Movie Scene review of the film

Even though I managed to see Carrie Fisher partly undressed, I can pretty much say, that I will never watch this movie again by my choosing. It is a movie that should have stayed in 1984.   I’m sure it was an ok comedy when it was released.   It is an interesting piece of you are looking to do a Tom Hanks retrospective, but there are so many more movies he has done that are worth your time more than this one.   If you are really interested it is on Netflix, but I would choose something else instead.

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