Just Finished Reading Justice

August 22, 2012

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Justice was a great graphic novel.   I love Alex Ross.   Ever since I read Kingdom Come, I’ve wished all comic books looked like Alex Ross art.  Unfortunately they do not.  Justice however caught my eye because of the artwork and it was a great read.

I love the Justice League, and call out my old school love of Super Friends – but it was fantastic that the Legion of Doom was included.   At one point in a dialogue between The Scarecrow and Joker – The Joker uttered the line that that said they were Super Friends.   I thought that was a fantastic nod.   The Joker unfortunately was a background character in this book.   The powerhouse bad guys are Black Manta, Brainiac, and Lex Luthor.

The premise that starts in the first book is that all the super villains have a dream on the same night.  In this dream all the super heroes fall and humanity is destroyed by an alien threat.   When they wake up and compare dreams, they take this as a prophecy.   Why else would they all have the same dream?

The bad guys take the Justice League out of commission and work at becoming humanity’s greatest heroes.  They use their skills to make the sick healthy, the paralyzed walk, and to build floating cities that will save the human race from extinction.   There are some ulterior motives, but most of them are doing it to genuinely help humanity.

One of the things that came to light in the book is just how bad ass Aquaman could be.   They didn’t do much to augment the character, but Aquaman commanded most of the plot along the way.   You also discover you don’t mind that as you are looking at the glorious Alex Ross artwork.  I have gained a new respect for Aquaman.   That doesn’t place in any of my top lists, but I won’t be so quick to dismiss him in the future.

I was also excited to see Plastic Man included in the storyline.   It was a minor role, but he kept popping up here and there.   I have always loved Plastic Man (and I can’t explain why either).   Any chance to see him pop into the action just reminds you that comics are fantastic in plastic.

There are twists along the way.   I’m also assuming that you know the heroes do defeat the villains in the end.   It is a long strange trip that was spread over twelve issues.  I liked reading the trade paperback, because the wait between issues would have been excruciating.   If you like DC heroes (Justice League members especially), then you should read this book.

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