The True Grit Remake

August 22, 2012

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The other night we watched the remake of True Grit.   Xie was reading and I felt like watching Jeff Bridges.   After going through the list that was available on Netflix, I decided on True Grit.  I have not seen the original, so I can’t make true comparisons between the original and this incarnation.

I normally don’t like movies with a western setting at all.   I like a few that don’t follow the genre, like High Noon.   I like alternative western genre films like space westerns – Star Wars, Serenity, etc.   The traditional western though, never really pulled me in.   It is definitely a generational thing.   I remember my grand parents liking westerns – my generation wanted modern action movies and science fiction.   It’s the way things change.

When I started the movie Xie was reading on her Nook.   After about ten minutes in she asked what I was watching.   When she heard the response she rolled her eyes.   She really dislikes westerns.   A few minutes later she put down her Nook and started watching.

She commented that she liked that it didn’t feel like an old school western.   She stated that it was dialogue heavy.   It makes sense why we watched it all the way through, since we are both suckers for strong dialogue. If the dialogue hadn’t been so well written, we would stopped about thirty minutes in.

The best part of the movie was the actors took a back seat to the characters.   You didn’t see Matt Damon or Jeff Bridges on the screen.   They effectively became their characters.  Xie was the first to mention this, and I completely agree with that statement.

What we didn’t like was the ending.   We were expecting more based on the journey we had been on.   I’m sure that the original movies ended the same way. This kind of constrained the writers, otherwise I’m sure the ending would have had a bit more depth.  The movie is what it is though.   Even if you dislike westerns you might actually enjoy this.  I probably won’t watch it again, but I would encourage anyone with an interest to give it a try.


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