Justice League Volume 1 Origin and Cacophony

August 23, 2012

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Yesterday I had to stay near work later than normal for a business dinner.   I had time to kill so I headed over to Barnes and Noble to find something to read for an hour.   I wandered up to the graphic novel section (I didn’t want to delve into a novel for an hour), and the new Justice League graphic novel caught my eye.

It was Justice League Volume One: Origin.   It was based on the “New 52”, which is DC reboot of the comic universe that sends them back to square one.   I thought a Justice League book would be a great follow-up after reading Justice.  It wasn’t.

Let’s take a step back.   This is my first exposure to the “New 52”.  I’m also a cranky old comic book reader that doesn’t think they should have tossed away almost seventy years of continuity because they couldn’t make it all fit together.  Of course I wasn’t going to like it, but I didn’t realize that at first.

I understand the heroes are all new and starting out, but there are just some things that don’t fit.   The most notable being Superman and Batman.  The other characters I can let go of the small changes.   I was saddened that the Martian Manhunter was not included, but hopefully they eventually work him into the League.

Batman starts out well enough.   Then so he can having a bonding moment with Green Lantern, he takes off his mask and tells Green Lantern that he is really Bruce Wayne.  It’s comical that Green Lantern doesn’t know who Bruce Wayne is, but this is just hours after they met.   Batman is not the type to have ever been that trusting.   Most of the Justice League pre-reboot didn’t know his secret identity.  I highly doubt that he would have shared is identity with anyone that he didn’t know their secrets first.   It was worse than when Alfred allowed Vicki Vale into the Bat Cave bad.

Superman being reverted to youth has lost all the wisdom and calming effect that he brought to the team.   They write him like he is a twenty year-old with raging hormones, compared to the thirty year old he should be.   The fact that he was just lashing out and angry was disheartening.   This is not the Superman I love.

Finally that the main bad guy is Darkseid also irked me.   Darkseid is a villain that should have laid them to waste.  Their lack of coherency should have been their weakness.   Things would work out better if they had chosen a lesser big bad to start the series with.  In theory for bad guys, there is nowhere to go but down.

Reading the “New 52”  I’ll just read it forever as an alternate reality.   That might calm me down and allow me to let things go.   I am sitting and ranting about a comic in a world that just thinks I’m sad for being a thirty-six year old reading comics anyways.

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After not enjoying the Justice League story arc, I still had thirty minutes to kill.   Browsing the rack I knew I wanted to read something pre-“New 52”.  I also didn’t want a gigantic tome, since I only had thirty minutes.   I decided to sit down with Kevin Smith’s Cacophony.   I had meant to read it for a couple of years now, but never had the chance.  I took this moment to consume it.

Walt Flanagan’s artwork doesn’t compare with Justice, but it worked to tell the story.   I enjoyed the original villain they used and thought the piece worked cohesively.    It was very dialogue heavy, but that’s Kevin Smith.   He is a man who paints pictures with words.

The only thing I didn’t like was the dialogue Batman has with the Joker almost at the end of the book.  He asks the Joker if he really wants to kill him.   This is the Joker, regardless what answer he gives, you can’t trust that he is telling the truth.   Batman does seem to take it as fact.   It is something small and petty.   Overall it was an enjoyable read.   My complaints are small.   It was a nice diversion, especially after reading the Justice League book.




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