10 Terrible Cover Songs

Thinking today I would do a post with a fewer words than normal. I started posting some bad cover songs on my Facebook timeline yesterday. Thought I would share with the rest of the world today and round out a complete list. The first one above is Miley Cyrus covering Smells Like Teen Spirit. I can say at least she tried to embrace the spirit of the song, yet still missed the mark. Cobain is rolling in his grave. Ironically I could not find one of her covering Achy Breaky Heart (I looked because I wanted to be amused).

Britney Spears singing I Love Rock and Roll? Why Joan? Why did you authorize this?

While not the most terrible thing on the planet, Avril Lavinge singing Imagine just doesn’t fit musically or personality type. From her faux teenage angst image it might though. She is just trying to show her sensitive side, which comes off hollow.

You would have almost thought this would have been too new to have a terrible cover already.

The Boys of Summer is just one of those great road songs. This version, not so much.

You take a song that is about teen angst and fighting back, and you then turn it into a dancing pop song? Can we have Hillary and Avril switch, at least this song would have made a bit more sense for Avril to sing.

Yes, your famous because of your father and a reality show. Yes, you adored Madonna growing up. No, you should not try to tribute one of her songs.

Madonna, please see the note I left Kelly Osborne.

As a huge Guns N’ Roses fan, this song torments me to no end. I think I even had a nightmare about it once.

I have no words.

Ok, this last one is awesome and horrendous at the same time.

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