Being Who You Are


I’ve always been geek proud on my blog.   I can flaunt where I am against the social norms and where I excel at them.  I’m also aware that my reality is not the same as everyone else’s reality.   That is the microcosm we all live in, a reality that is developed by what we receive from our experiences with other.  There is no true accurate perception, because even facts can be misleading.

Yesterday a friend of mine wrote about her little space online being discovered.   The fact that her possible future mother-in-law would have to find out more about my friend’s past and deal with it.  This is something everyone has to deal with.  If you write something personal online, you have to deal with it getting out.   You could hide in this carefully manicured shroud, but most people can see that your pretty existence is just a coat on reality.

When you are genuine, people except you for your flaws.  If they don’t, screw ’em.  Generally though, people won’t seek you out.   Fo those that do, such as an employment background check, you just have to be ready to stand by yourself.   If you can’t stand by who you are and your beliefs, it doesn’t matter what you write.  You will always be true to yourself.

Luckily for most of us, we don’t even have to worry about.   We can blog and hide in plain sight.   On’s NSFW show they attempted an experiment.   They wanted to write a trashy novel in the vein of Fifty Shades of Gray.   From my understanding it is almost all sex and no character development.   They wanted to see where they could get on the iTunes e-books charts with it.

This book they wrote (The Diamond Club). solely as an experiment climbed to number four on the charts.   So they proved that trashy books can sell quite well.  There was some concern that people would find out it was just a joke.   They discovered as long as they were not broadcasting it too widely, that even being public on the Internet allows you to keep your secrets.  It rose on the charts and no one was the wiser.

This should show you that if people aren’t researching a purchase or looking into the author if they liked the book, they aren’t searching for your dirty secrets.   So you can share your quirks and your dreams.   Even if they are only a Google search away, most people will never find them.  Your friends can share in the celebration of who you are.

Live proud.  Live strong.  Live in celebration of your distinctive self.  Chase the dreams that people find foolish.   Say the words that you are scared might piss someone off.  If you can’t be true to yourself, you can never be true to those around you.

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