Generational Music Differences

I have to say as Lex grows up the music issue will probably get to me. Him thinking that my favorite bands are terrible. Of course I will think all his music is derivative or noise. It’s the generational chasm that all of us eventually cross however. This is going to be the worst when he is a teenager. More than likely he won’t have the wide range of music appreciation that he may gain later in life.

It was a bit different for me. My parents had me when they were young. My mother was mostly into eighties pop music. So the music we were listening to was Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club, and Michael Jackson. My father loved the oldies station, he could go on about Steppenwolf, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and Cream. None of his bands ever spoke to me. He didn’t like Culture Club because of Boy George’s orientation. He had a little of an issue with his seven-year old singing Karma Chameleon.

There was an overall fandom of Billy Joel in the house. The Stormfront Tour was my first concert. To this day I can still sit back and listen to almost Billy Joel album and enjoy it. There seems to be very few people who dislike him. Some people may not be into his music, but most don’t hate him.

Xie posted something about Pearl Jam last night. My sister responded that she gets made fun of for liking Pearl Jam. I don’t get that. I may not have liked the Rolling Stones so much, but I don’t know of anyone that would have been teased for liking them. This sister is twelve years younger than me. She once told me she discovered this awesome band called Guns and Roses… and nod……

If we go two generations it gets even worse. How do you bridge the gap from The Andrews Sisters to Nirvana smoothly? How do you even justify that to a teenager? I don’t think today’s music is bad, but it doesn’t grab me. Most the stations still play the music from the nineties that I loved. I wonder if this equivalent of my father and his oldies station. When my father was my age, I was 15 – the start of my prime music listening years. There was a huge gap between what we would listen to, I can’t imagine what it will be like between Lex and I.

While Autumn and I have guilty pleasure pop songs we like, we aren’t really pop people.  The heavy pop we listen to is from the eighties.  The equivalent from a year perspective for my son would be my parents to be listening to pop music from the fifties.  I’m sure he will want to strangle us.   Michael Jackson to him will be equal to Buddy Holly for me.

I’ll just leave you with this item trying to bridge the generational gap:




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