Mountain Lion – One Day In

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I knew I wasn’t going to get a review done in time to cash in on all the link bait craziness yesterday.   I did not even attempt it.   Instead I thought I would allow myself to give the operating system a day to bake in.   I would see how it goes and write-up my impressions.

Overall, my laptop seems to be faster.   It also ended with more hard drive space than when the install started.   Yes, I did take into account the size of the installer that was deleted.   It was only a few gigabytes, but every bit helps.

I’m bummed out that they removed the RSS reader from within the Mail app.   I knew it was coming.   Right before the upgrade I backed up all of my personal RSS items.   It’s not like I don’t back up the same information in other formats.  I admit this was a complete redundancy strategy.   While I’ll miss this function it has no great effect on my normal work flow.

Being able to right-click images and send them to Flickr is awesome.  This is definitely a feature I will be using.   It really is only worthwhile if you are a Flickr Pro user, thankfully I already am.   I no longer have to open up the browser, navigate to Flickr, and select upload.   I know, this one definitely falls into first world problems.

The Twitter integration I probably won’t use.  I would have to change the flow of how I do things to really use it.  I rarely use the web interface.   I’m assuming I may use it just a little less than I use the Twitter home page.  I did select to update contact photos from Twitter.   At least it is going to do that much for me.

The notification center is cool.  I did have to download Hiss so my Growl notifications are sent to it. It gives me a simple an obtrusive method to check status of different things.  I’ve used Growl almost as long as I have used OSX.  I never managed to delve into the advanced features, but as a desktop notifier it works great.   Essentially the notification bar gives me a command center that I can hide or show when I want.

Other than those things, I haven’t tried out anything in my normal workflow.    I have no complaints at all.  Definitely worth the 19.99 upgrade cost for the increased speed. Overall, I’m happy with it.


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