Two Million Words


Two million! That’s how many words exist on my blog now.   It’s been a long strange trip to get this point.   I have no idea how long it will take to get to the next million.   I do know that I have written to some extent or another for  about eight years.   Some of those years have included heavy writing.   Other years, well, no so heavy writing.

I won’t lie.  There is cruft in my database from my lifestreaming archives.  It’s still content I generated.   I just didn’t write it all by hand.  I ended the lifestreaming a while back.   Even further back than that did the daily posting of my activities stop (February 2011).   I always kept this hidden from the front page since it was for my own analytics.   I don’t deny that it help me reached this milestone though.

When I do write something it normally is at least five hundred words.  For the most part I consider this my least effort with something actually meaningful to give something to the Internet community.  Some of my other stories can get into two or three thousand words.   Every bit moves it forward.

This isn’t a race for me.  It isn’t how much content I can push out there to clog up the intrawebs.   In the exact opposite, most of my lifestream archive data doesn’t get any web hits.   I only clogged the interwebs with stuff I actually have written.  Some of it funny, some it personal, and some of it is genuinely informative.   It does however gather more readers all the time.   I must be doing something right.

Before it can be accused of being a money grab, I don’t have advertisements on my site.   I did at one point, but it wasn’t worth the cost.   I never liked the aesthetics that changed when adding ads to the mix on the site.  If I was pulling down five thousand hits a day, I might bring them back.   Until that time I prefer my site to be as clean and uncluttered as possible.

I am assuming that the next million words will be all mine.  It will be poorly written, grammatically incorrect, it will also contain a multitude of spelling mistakes.  It is who I am.   I don’t take the time on my personal site to cleanup every little thing that someone could criticize.   I prefer to spend more time just performing a large brain dump to the site.

My writing has come a long way since I started this blog.   I would say it is tighter and more focused these days compared to when I started.   There is a bit less rambling (really!).  The grammar is a shade better.   Some of my spoken language has been removed into a more refined written language.

I don’t have much more to add.   It’s been a fun journey.  If you are not having a good time, I apologize.   For me this is just a long strange trip that will probably be lost somewhere in the Internet Archive.   I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride to the end.





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