Variety Keeps Posting From Being Tedious


Yesterday I was reading a friends post on the deregulation of banking.   From a strictly must search for article, it wasn’t a topic I would actively seek out.   I did read the whole thing.   At the bottom was a comment from someone the author and I both know.   His statement was, what’s the point of the article?   Why should he be writing about it if he can do nothing about it.   This is unfair. It’s what the author wanted to write about at that time.

It’s a personal blog, so there is no set topic.   I’m sure since the author usually covers geek affairs that the transition was jarring.   The problem is unless a blog has a stated purpose, it’s a platform to speak how you wish.   You shouldn’t be constrained to a subject.   If you find a topic interesting write about it.

I range from retro toys, amusement parks, personal issues, politics, privacy rights, and geek stuff.   I’m all over the map.   That’s just this month.  I also see google hits from all over the map coming in and reading my stories.   If I wanted to stay within a certain topical sphere, I would setup a new blog to do that.   Blogging is cheap and easy.  More people should do it.   Everyone should feel the freedom of expression that a platform can give you.   There is bad with the good.

Like the previously mentioned comment, sometimes you get negative feedback.   Your views, writing, and everything in between can be attacked.   Sometimes it feels like a marathon to get through it all.   There is always and end.   Some people will appreciate what you have written and it will start a dialog.

That’s what it is all about.  The conversation that you started, even if you are not a participant.   The butterfly that started the hurricane is the example I’ve always liked.   I’ve also never started a hurricane.   I have started some meaningful conversations that have grown into friendships.   That is what makes it all worthwhile.





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