Let Axis of Awesome Teach You How To Write a Winning Song

March 30, 2013

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Axis of Awesome is a great band that I discovered on Youtube last year.   To be fair I only watched one video and never followed up again on them.   I did post their Game of Throne’s video yesterday.  This prompted me to look through and watch some of their other videos.

So how can they teach you to write music?   Well they have boiled down music to the essentials so you can see just what you need to create your next number one hit.

Do you want to create an all around hit?  Well this is the video you need to watch:

General pop music isn’t good enough for you?  Well how about club pop music?   Surely you would at least want to get yourself popping in the club.   If so this is the video you want to watch:

Still not convinced?   Well how about you just want to impress the love of your life and write a good old-fashioned love song?  Well they have you covered with this video right here:

I enjoy their other songs also.  If these videos have prompted you at all I highly suggest you start playing through their Youtube channel.   You can also check out their home page or buy their albums.   They just seem to be a great group to promote.   I hope you enjoy them.

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