April Fool’s Online Is Once Again Annoying

April 1, 2013

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I remember when it started happening years ago, the parody story on April Fool’s day.  It has become a staple of the online world.   Unfortunately it also means that you can’s trust any news story you read online.   The first time I noticed it happening was the late 1990’s on Slashdot.   Since then tons of other sites have joined in the jokes.

The problem is you don’t what story is true or false.   Since everyone links to everyone else for each story – you can’t even do true background research. You just have to trust that everything posted today is false.   Granted some people state that they aren’t participating (but enough sneaky sites use this to throw you off guard).   The overt big name ones, ok those are perfectly fine.   The ones that aren’t good at telling the joke – not so much.   I look forward to  tomorrow and regularly scheduled and somewhat trustworthy news.

Until then, have a video of some kittens chasing each other:


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