Cedar Point Memories Part 23 – A Found Eulogy Video

August 8, 2013

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It’s been awhile since I have posted anything in my Cedar Point Memories series. Actually, I’m just five days short of a year. One of my Facebook friends however seemed to want to remind me and shared this video with me last week. Some of the pictures and video I have shown before, but the interesting thing is the audio tracks to some of the dark rides.

I hope everyone enjoys it.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Point Memories Part 23 – A Found Eulogy Video

  1. FANTASTIC video! I remember some of these rides very well. Quite a few I was too scared and/or prone to motion sickness to actually ride (any of the coasters, the big spinning lady, the centrifuge thing), but I remember the Fun House and some of the other rides fondly. Of course, looking at how many rides have closed over the years makes me wonder just what the heck they still have at Cedar Point. Off to look up their web presence and figure that out…

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