Cedar Point Memories – Part 24 – Revisiting Kid Arthur’s Court

September 3, 2013

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I wrote about Kid Arthur’s Court last year. One of the main issues I had was not being able to find any pictorial evidence online with the exception of my brother and I climbing the humongous rope maze.  Last night though,  I found the video above that included a little bit of footage of Kid Arthur’s court about a minute into the video.   This inspired me to hunt around and see what I could find.  This time around I did manage to find a few images.

A user with the name of thrillrider on the themparkreview.com forum shared the following images.  I hope you enjoy them as much I did.  Click on the images for larger resolution.


scannedimage-78__medium__0This is from the Cedar Point Brochure with a shot of the front entrance to the court and a shot of a kid in the ball pits.  

scannedimage-104__medium__0This is a great shot of the entrance. 

scannedimage-105__medium__0Another shot of kid enjoying the ball pits. 

scannedimage-106__medium__0Finally from thrillrider’s collection another shot of the rope attraction. 

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