How I Managed To Get A One Year Old Not To Be Scared Of Thunder

I was listening to the storm earlier today and I was reminded of my son. When my son was past his first birthday, he noticed thunderstorms for the first time. It was like a switch went off, he never noticed them before and then he became deathly afraid of them. We attempted to explain to him what was going on, but it wasn’t sinking in. Granted how much really does sink into a one year old when you are dealing with how nature works.

I quickly came up with an idea. He loves music and songs, so why don’t we make it into a game. I searched through my playlist and couldn’t find anything that would help. Then I saw it, Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Within a few minutes we had him singing along with the chorus. We kept up the next couple times that there was a thunderstorm, and it sunk in. He no longer was deathly afraid of the storm, but instead would sing “Thunder – Woahhhhh Ohhh Ohhhh Ohhh”.

To this day it is still one of his favorite songs and he’ll occasionally bust it out when a storm is going on.

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