Scribd’s Bad Copyright Detection At It Again – Flags More Public Domain Material



About two and a half years ago I found myself in the middle of a copyright claim over Huckleberry Finn (and my amusing to me edit of this public domain novel).   In the end, I was correct in proving that Huckleberry Finn was in the public domain and people over-reaching their copyright claims were in the wrong.   Everything was right in the world and we all moved on.

Fast-forward to this last weekend.   I get five emails stating that five different pieces I have uploaded to Scribd have been flagged as copy-written works and removed.   The pieces were all 1910 or earlier, so they were all in the public domain.   I posted them to make the pieces easier to find.   I fired back an email on each item – and nothing.   Last time around I received a “here is your ticket number, we will contact you – etc.”   So earlier today I fired off another email, and still nothing.

So it seems all you need to do is claim a copyright on the Scribd platform and immediately becomes yours.   Public domain be damned.   It’s not like they haven’t run into this issues before *cough*.   Until then I sit here and wait while the trolls overreach their authority and get public domain pieces removed.   I will follow up when I hear from them.

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