The Surprise of the Day – RIM (Blackberry) Turns a Profit



The news is so incredible I almost don’t believe it.   RIM the manufacturer of Blackberry devices (you know the one that almost no one you know uses) announced today that they turned a profit.   Granted, I still don’t know anyone who wants to use a Blackberry.  Unfortunately some people I know are dealing with stodgy IT departments and are forced to use them (I feel sorry for you guys).

I did expect Blackberry to hang in there a couple more years hemorrhaging their cash in the hopes of being relevant again.   They promised their new OS Blackberry 10 for what seems like 8 years, always coming and always out of reach.   They delivered this year and it seems to have worked out for them.

When the industry is dominated by iPhones and Android devices, do we look at this as a momentary blip?   Is it a sign RIM is turning things around?  Is it all just sliding numbers around on spreadsheets just to make them look profitable?  I’m not sure.   What I am sure about is that I still wouldn’t invest money in RIM for the long-term.