Personal Journaling Leads to Happiness




Grandma and Me circa 1978


I’ve tried to get the writing bug again.   I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m trying to once again make it a routine.   This isn’t a new year’s resolution or a life goal.   I don’t go in for such things.   This is about working on memory and personal happiness.

I was watching Ted Talks the other night.   The first thing it inspired me to do was talk about the poem I memorized in a grade school.   The other was a list of things you can do to boost your memory and personal happiness.  The thing that stuck out at me was personal journaling.   I am a firm believer that my heavy blogging years ago was what kept me sane when I worked at NASA.   While I didn’t achieve personal happiness, there was a bit of other stuff going on.   If the blogging kept my sanity, could it make me happy?

When they talked about it in the lecture they stated that you should record one happy memory each day.   I’m not going to go that far since it wouldn’t necessarily be the most interesting to read or to write.   I can intersperse new stories, old stories, and things I find interesting with the hope that as a reader you may find them interesting.

I have always shied away with the apologetic posts that entail describing that you haven’t posted in a while and that you were going to post again soon.  Too many blogs across the web are cluttered with post after post just about that.   Eventually the blogs are abandoned and left as digital litter across the Internet.   I plan on maintaining this blog for a long time, regardless if there is any new content.   I’m taking the time to make it useful and interesting while I hope to give myself a shade of happiness.

Let’s see how it goes and the remarkable journey it may lead to.  Let’s just hope it isn’t a dead-end.

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