Batdance – The Song That Made Me Appreciate Prince

I’m sitting here in an airport restaurant listening to this song.   I was 12 years old and remember listening to this on cassette playing through my boombox.   While I can say as an adult I appreciate quite a few of the classic Prince songs.  Until I was 12 though, I liked Prince songs the same way any pre-teen likes listening to pop music.   It is designed to be liked and everything I liked was done through radio play.

I can say it’s likely been over 20 years since I’ve heard this song.   Even though in middle school it was one of the albums wearing away the motors of the cassette player.   It likely inspired my hip-hop and remix love.   This likely was the first remixed style music I was exposed to.  There were also a few that either Beach Boys or 50’s music around this time, but for a 12 year old geek – this was gold.

If this hadn’t come out, I likely never would have gone back and given Prince a second chance.   I’ll be fair and so mostly I like his mainstream popular stuff.  That being said I think the man would be happy that he at least changed me with this most shallow of songs.   Just remixing and playing backgrounds to a movie aimed at teens.  I’m not sure he was too tied to this song, if he was I apologize for calling it shallow.   Yet the deep lines are all from lines in the movie, so……

He was someone that has left a great impact on the music industry.   Though I’m at odds with him for his hatred of technology, we can differ.  I’m just a poor guy writing on a blog and he was Prince. I’m sure he was quite happy with what he got out it.   Good luck and godspeed.

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