Concussion The Movie


This last week I watched the latest Will Smith vehicle – Concussion. This is the movie that caused at least part of the outrage at the Oscar’s with Will Smith not being nominated.   While I can say this movie fell into “Oscar” territory, and Will Smith did fantastic in it, I’m not sure if it was a snub or not by not getting the nomination. I think his portrayal in Ali was better – but at the same time, with Ali I had a character that I could base something off of.  I had an expectation on how Ali should look and feel.   This movie however, I haven’t any clue other than Smith played a steady and consistent character through out the film.

Like DiCaprio, Will Smith deserves an Oscar at some point.  Hopefully it will be before he get’s a Lifetime Achievement Oscar.  He has had two nominations, so he isn’t completely ignored – yet, I do think sometimes that his “Fresh Prince” days work against him.   I wonder how much Tom Hanks had to prove to the Hollywood elite after Bosom Buddies.

I went into this movie with some wrong perceptions.   I was aware of the movie, yet had not seen the trailer.   I thought Will Smith played a football player that had a brain injury.   I was a bit surprised to find out he was playing the doctor who discovered the issue.   I guess with the post and the basic plot – either scenario would have made sense.   However, the character Smith played was an honorable doctor who was railroaded by the NFL.

At one part of the movie he points out that the injuries that football players are receiving are common sense.   This is obviously the case and there is a weird issue of the denial that doesn’t quite grab me properly.   Maybe it’s that I wasn’t a football player.   The head in the sand tactic by the NFL just seems nuts to me.  In marching band I saw enough from the sidelines to know that some of those injuries had to hurt and cause injury.

Luke Wilson played the NFL commissioner,  he didn’t really have any scenes though.  I have to wonder if there is a denial scene where he was allowed to stretch his acting chops.   They could have gone with a complete unknown in this role and it may have been better.    The fact that you were watching for Luke Wilson to do something distracted more than if you did not know the actor at all.

Overall it was a good movie.   The ending seemed a bit rushed up, and the movie did not reflect the passing of time accurately.   It was an Oscaresque movie, and maybe it should have been nominated.   I haven’t seen all the nominated films, so it’s is unfair to wonder what it may have passed up for.  If you like biopics about the struggle and vindication – this is likely a movie you should watch.    It is better than another “summer blockbuster” movie and has heart and depth.