Justice League Vs. The Teen Titans


Everyone is arguing if Batman Vs. Superman is a good movie.   I happened to skip it for the time being.   I didn’t enjoy Man of Steel, I’ve heard things that don’t interest me about BvS, and I dislike DC’s disjointed ID of a universe when they could have built on the success of the Arrowverse (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl).   However, what I look forward to with regularity is the DC animated universe.   This is a sector of movie making where DC has been coherent and has correctly built upon.

Mostly the animated DCU movies focus on Batman for the most part.  This time they fell back to the excellent Justice League movies.   Introducing the Teen Titans – and having a mixed timeline of who was in the Titans when – it was a fun ride.   I especially love the work they have done in the last few films with the Damian Wayne Robin.  With this movie they are allowing him to spread his wings a bit more.

My only complaint is the animation style.  It seems when they made the Flashpoint Paradox movie; it was their last film in the style of the comics.   The current style has a bit more of an anime influence to the look.   This is the only thing I would adjust.   This of course is just a minor personal preference.

The one thing that was amusing (and a bit distracting) was a point in the movie when the Titans transform from street clothes to costumes.   In this sequence everyone transformed fine – until we got to Starfire.   Obviously the storyboard artist was a big fan of the overly sexualized Starfire from the Perez run in the eighties.   While she wasn’t nude it was highly suggestive and didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the sequences.  The crowning point was a jewel appearing over her bikini bottoms in a highly suggestive placement.   The whole thing just felt disjointed and was someone’s private Starfire fantasy they wanted to see acted out.  At not point else in the feature was she really sexualized other than Dick Grayson checking her out.

The roll call on the Titan side is Beast Boy, Raven, Robin, and Blue Beetle.   Starfire is the Titan graduate and an advisor.   While Dick Grayson is also a graduate, they didn’t give a nod to Cyborg being an ex-Titan.   He is in the film on the Justice League side (along with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash).  The best sequence in the film really is the beginning which includes a face-off of the between the Legion of Doom and the Justice League.   The writing throughout the piece is great and the tension between Batman and Damian is so heavy that it is literally the elephant in the room. Unlike most elephant’s that exist in rooms – this one is actually discussed.

If you enjoy these characters I highly suggest that you check this out.  It might end up being a bit lighter tone than BvS, but that doesn’t mean it’s not quality.   It is rated PG-13 – but it seems most of that is due to the Starfire scene.   It is a bit more violent than the TV episodes – but at the same time I think it’s on par with the tragedy of watching Optimus Prime die in the eighties.  That film was only PG.   To each their own, if you are on the fence to allow your kid’s to see it, watch it through yourself first.


Enjoy the trailer: