Mayor Wertz – An Unexpected Treat


On March 12 I went to the MC Chris at the Grog Shop in Cleveland.   One of the highlights of the show to me was Mayor Wertz. He was the first band to open for the show.   He is a Cleveland local, who (in my mind) needs to get out and do more shows.   I would definitely like to see him perform again.

His hip-hop style was familiar, but new.   He came off confident about the working the crowd and being on stage.   His specialty seems to be geek rap focusing on older bad movies.   The one song that sticks in my head the most is his song based on “The Room”.   While I haven’t seen the movie, Carebear thought it was hilarious – since she has seen the movie and understood the references.

Here is the song about the “The Room” – How’s Your Sex Life:

After his set we wandered over to the merchandise table.   Someone was in line ahead of us and we had the discussion about one of the items was an insult for $1.00.   What we weren’t sure of was if you gave the insult or received the insult in exchange for the money.   The person watching the table had no idea and wasn’t making sales just yet.  Then Mayor Wertz himself came over and ran the table.

We asked him if the insults were given or received.   He wasn’t sure since he just added it to the list.   He offered to give and receive for a dollar from the guy in line.   I don’t remember the customer received, but he seemed satisfied.  Mayor Wertz however, stated he wasn’t quite comfortable giving insults.   He apologized at the weak performance.   The insulted man came back a few minutes later and delivered his own insult – at that point Mayor Wertz refunded the dollar.   Our group started talking to him and I purchased a t-shirt.


This is a picture of Mayor Wertz modeling the same style t-shirt that I bought – purchase one here

I have to say that I think this is the only green t-shirt I have.  I actually wore it to the MC Chris show in Grand Rapids the week after.  So now if he makes it big, I can justify my rock and roll life style – I can wear the shirt to prove that I have heard of him first.   Something like that anyways.  I even left a comment on his Facebook page and he did reply.   The advantage to small bands that you can enjoy is the interaction you can get back and forth.

I will say though – it’s been a few weeks now and “How’s Your Sex Life” is still stuck in my head.  I really dig it – but if it’s still there as often in my head in six months, it may drive me insane.  That is the possible pain you get by listening to the song at all, of course you may have already played it before you made it this far down the page.   That will teach you to listen to something before reading the whole article first……

Oh hi Lisa!  Oh Hi Mark! Oh Hi Denny!……..

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