Music Monday – Speed Racer by Sponge

I’m actually working on another post that should be done tomorrow related to this.   I’m taking a brief segue/preview though.  Saturday I got to see Sponge in concert.   At one part of the show they hinted at what they were going to play next.   It started with them talking about a compilation they did with the Ramones and some other bands.   While I didn’t get it at first, it dawned on me before he said it.   I was ecstatic when they busted out Speed Racer.

This cover was released on the album Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits.   This album has been a favorite of mine since it originally came out.   I first owned it on cassette, then I followed it up with purchasing it twice over years on CD.   Now it’s safely in my MP3 collection that has been completely backed up in two different places.  The chance of losing this album again it’s minimal.

It’s been in constant rotation for listening.   Sadly other than some billboard yearly hits collection – I think this is the only album I have that includes Sponge on it.   That is going to change very soon.   I now need it all after being taken back to that moment driving around in my Ford Escort blaring this album.   The album predates my relationship of 19 years.   I think I bought the cassette in the terrible relationship I had before starting to date the woman who would become my partner into eternity.   However, both my wife and the ex aren’t big fans of this album.  I get eye rolls and tolerance – but not the overwhelming joy that I seem to bring to a sparkling exuberance.

I thank Sponge deeply for giving me this experience of hearing at least on track of this live.   On the other side of the coin, I’ve only seen one other artist from the album live.   I really feel that The Toadies should help this feeling along by performing Goolie Get-Together.   I’ve seen them twice live so far, and it hasn’t been done once.    Thank you Sponge!

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