Star Wars Rogue One Trailer Released

This is the Star Wars movie I’ve been waiting for. Don’t get me wrong – I like Episode VII.   However I still go back and forth on my rankings of it.   I still think I rank it 4th overall for me personally -( V, III, IV, VII, VI, II, I).  Somedays it makes it up to 3rd and somedays it falls to 5th.   While some people don’t like the prequels at least each had a story.   VII was like IV and V – a series of moments that just took you from one point of the galaxy to another.   However, Rogue One is a movie with a purpose.

Rogue One’s purpose to is to describe how the rebellion stole the plans to the Death Star.  The success of this movie could open up for a Rogue Squadron movie, my favorite book series in the old Extended Universe.   The actress blame Mon Mothma looks spot on.   The hint of Vader in the film is a fantastic tease.   The tone seems to capture Empire Strikes Back and the dark moments and color schemes that The Force Awakens blatantly stole from ESB.   Seriously – if you have a color tonal palette you are using for your movie – do not dramatically change it to try to conjure feelings.  This takes people out of the moment.   I understand why The Force Awakens did it – but it stole from a total artistic cohesion.

I just watched The Force Awakens this last weekend, so it has been refreshed in my mind.   Back to Rogue One – I have a couple things I wish they would have shown.   I wish the gentleman in white had been a blue Thrawn.   I wish that they would have showed Bothans in the trailer since we know from canon that they will be included in the film.  Also, many of those Bothans will die.

Will we see the pass of the plans in the end to a young Princess Leia aboard a Corellian Corvette?   I think that would be the logical stopping point for the film since it is designed to be completely stand alone and not sequelized.   Is there a chance we could see a live action version of Ahsoka?  So many questions and hope.

In the end though, it is all about the joy for seeing the trailer.   Being taken back into the universe again.   I’ve literally grown up on Star Wars since I saw it when I was two years old.  There never is a memory without Star Wars.  Of course their was droughts.   The long time after the rest of the world gave up on the films until Timothy Zahn revitalized the whole thing.   I hope that another decade long drought occurs ever again.   There is a lot riding on this movie.   The Boba Fett Movie and Han Solo Movie each have built in fan appeal.   Other than a general Star Wars hook, I don’t know how the less hard core fans will take to this.    Myself personally, I will take everything I can get.