Retrometrics – Weekly Retrogaming Review

Celebrating this week in retrogaming.  Outside of work and adulting, these are the stories that grabbed my interest this week.  In this edition we are covering Nintendo, Sega, Coleco, Commodore, Vectrex, and Arcade systems.

Nintendo Systems

I found this interesting piece where some one is using  a Nintendo 64 logo as a coffee table.   You can buy it here on Etsy for 150.00.  While I would love this, I have absolutely no room in my office for it.

Next we move onto the article by the fantastic Retronauts that covers Gumshoe being the beginning and the end of zapper games.   I will admit that I haven’t really played Gumshoe.  I need to check and see if I have it my personal collection.

One of our own writers decided to cover Pokémon on Monday.  You can read it here –  Retro Monday: Pokémon Blue Version (GBC)

I personally wrote up my Double Dribble article.   I’m hoping you all enjoyed the read.  You can track that down here – Retrometrics – Double Dribbling on the NES.

Finally for the NES I uploaded the following gameplay video of Spot: The Videogame for NES.  I’m hoping to do an article on it sometime in the future.

Sega Systems

In Sega news, I was reading about  – How Yoot Saito designed the quirky Seaman for Sega Dreamcast.  It really is a strange game.  I think it’s the only Dreamcast I ever used with the microphone.

Then there was the discussion about Former Sega America CEO Tom Kalinske on Sonic’s missteps and future.   How do you think Sonic’s future should be handled?

Atari Systems

While at one point it was just a myth – The cancelled Primal Rage II has been released online.  It’s always a fantastic week when an unreleased game makes a rise from the dead.

Commodore Systems

Using tricks such as flashing between two different colors, you too can learn the Secret colours of the Commodore 64.

Coleco Systems

As we move over to Coleco, have you ever wanted to make your own from scratch?  I have wanted my own for years, but I’ve heard they have notoriously bad build quality.  This means finding a working one is even harder that finding one at all.  That can all change with the Breadboard Colecovision.


Most people are familiar with the infamous Atari 2600 easter egg in the game Adventure.  An older easter egg has been found.   The oldest arcade easter egg was found first via emulation and then proven that it works on a physical cabinet.  You can read that here – The arcade world’s first Easter egg discovered after fraught journey


In Pittsburgh this weekend a retrogaming expo is occurring.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend.  If you are able to make it, I highly recommend attending.

Here is a snippet about the show:

Get Ready to Game On!

Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Expo is organized by the awesome individuals who bring you Mega Cat Studios & the Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Facebook community. Our goal is to connect gamers from all walks of life to come together under a united front – retro gaming! Pittsburgh Retro Gaming is a place for gaming enthusiasts to share their passion for playing and collecting their favorite games.

We love to re-experience our favorite games. We are fueled by nostalgia, and driven crazy by cartridges. There will be plenty of opportunities to play, compete, imagine, create, learn, and connect with your favorite games. Who knows, you may even meet a new long-term gaming buddy!

Please, join us in making this a convention to remember!

A Pittsburgh paper has a fantastic article about the expo that you can read here – Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Expo celebrates a renaissance of old-school video-game design.


Finally we end this week’s segment by highlighting some Vectrex video games.   If you aren’t aware of the Vectrex, it is a vector based home video game system that came with its own monitor.    While these videos were uploaded in the last week, you can view these and other video game videos at the Retrometrics YouTube page.