Writing for Duesr.com

I have a friend that is rebooting his blog Duesr.com (if you didn’t get that from the title).   He asked me if I was interested in doing some writing for it.   While they had people doing desktop games, card games, and modern games – it looks like they were missing retrogaming.   I’m not current or timely enough to sit in front of a PS4 game for long periods of time these days, so retro games were what I knew.

Ironically, recently I was getting ready to start writing some retrogame stuff for this site.   I have other projects that I’m trying to get across the finish line, but what the heck.   In the agreement, I maintain copyright of all my writing.   I grant his site exclusive use of post for a year, after that I repost them on my site.

So, I write a post on his site.   Then I copy and paste it to my.  I then schedule to post in 12 months.  Depending on how much I write for him, my blog will be really active in a year.  Some of the more time sensitive posts I will just be publishing as private for the time being and then updating later.  So I’ll eventually aggregate all the content on here.

His site is just starting out.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will see my normal links that I wrote something.   Some of those posts will go here, some to the Duesr.com.   If you like what I normally write you should check it out.   While I’ll be doing more geek media over there – there truly are more Cedar Point, childhood angst, and computer technical posts that will come through this channel.

This opportunity really came down to being asked while I was in the correct mindset.  A few months ago I would have had to pass.   Not because of obligations directly, but more of being the meh period for longer form of writing.   I already wrote my first post over there on the NES game Popeye.  This went from being asked, to being accepted, and then writing off the top of my head in an hour or so.   So check it out.

On another note (once again this is was the right space and time) – I’m working on developing a retrogaming podcast with my son.  Two generations and the same games.   Though my son seems to like everything, I need to drag a little bit more of the reviewer out of him.   This podcast will include YouTube videos of father and son play throughs with an separate audio only podcast where the discussion takes place.

Who knows, all other podcasts ideas and blog collaboration ideas have fallen through in the past.   Hopefully this set grabs traction.