Retrometrics – My Retrogaming Lego Mural

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I’m skipping a game review today. I wanted to show off, my lego mural in my office.  I thought I should share this on here, because this mural isn’t long for this world.   There are things I can do better, and it’s been up for just over a year.   When I placed it I knew this was going to be a yearly project.

I do have some other lego murals in my office, but this is the center piece.  In front of the mural on the shelf (not pictured) sits all of my Lego Star Wars ships.  This mural provides a nice back drop to the whole thing.   So the new one will be the roughly the same size, just the design will be different.

I was reminded that i had to do this because earlier on Facebook, I shared an image from reddit of another persons lego mural.  Unfortunately I don’t have the number of flat pieces he used for his, nor do I have the color selection he has.   Scope and size I could compete with though.   What I loved about that piece is tight composition and ability to get so many characters in such a small space.   So that is what I’ll attempt to do in the 2.0 revision.

Let’s go over the characters in the mural.

On the left side bookend, we have Small Luigi (non super?) and Toad.  Both from the Original NES Version of Super Mario Bros.

Next we have Samus from Metroid on the NES and a Space Invader.    Before it was incorporated in the mural I had a full size Samus.   It had split in half and instead of rebuilding it I added it to this.

Here was have a set of three Space Invaders.  These are modeled after the Arcade sprites.

Next we have Shadow/Blinky from Pac-Man, a Random Blue Ghost from the arcade version of Pac-Man, and the start of Ms. Pac-Man.

In the center we have Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man himself from their respective arcade versions.

Now there is Mega Man (Mega Hi!) based on the one-up symbol from Mega-Man on the NES.  Then we have Frogger based on his arcade game sprite.  Finally we have the start of Pooka from Dig Dug.

This is the Dig Dug section.   We have Pooka, Frygar, Dig-Dug/Taizo Hori based on the Dig Dug arcade sprites.

Now we get to the Centipede section – here we have the ship, a mushroom, and a spider from Centipede based on the arcade sprites.

Finally at the far end we have Small Mario (non super?) and Link holding the Tri-force.