Who Am I?

Who Am I? I thought I was an enigma…… I wasn’t complex enough to be incomprehensible I thought I was straight forward…. I’m too complex to be completely understood The multitude of essences that encompass a single soul rupture the […]

Writing: Water Is…

Silver surfaces rippling gently Images gently sliding over the mirror of time In winter with little movement or none In spring as a nurse to growth Falling from above and sinking below Full of the abundance of life In summer, […]

Writing: Perfection at last

I remember strolling with you late at nightGlancing at the constellations watchingFeeling your delicate touchWe talked and listenedAs the night air spoke secretsSadly reminiscing about the memoriesForgotten in the past The little problems that seemed hugeLooking back everything was perfect

Writing: Walking with Us

The somber silence of twilightIs the companion on our walksThe only listener to the secrets I whisperThe only other admirer to the compliments I payIt watches the miles we strollAnd the sweet kisses I put on your cheek.