On The Road and Pondering…

I haven’t had to travel in a few months, yet this week I’m in the tropical state of Nebraska enjoying the breeze through the palm trees while I dip my feet into the water. It’s a wonderful feeling and the only thing missing is an alcoholic drink in my hands.

Don’t I wish?

What I am doing is looking at my pet projects, or like I call them the fever of the minute things I need to get done. I still have family pictures to scan and return. I went white-hot on genealogy research for a few weeks last year and need to get back on that. I received a new 3DS for Christmas and I’m back on heavier gaming (Legend of Zelda – Link Between Worlds is awesome). I need to actually write something and get it on my site…..wait I’m doing that now. Disregard that last statement.

It seems that we all deal with the struggle of the time. As you are young time seems infinite. These days it seems that there is only a single month in the year. I go to any of my tasks and think, I will get to that in a couple of days. I look up and it’s been six months and I can’t fathom how I didn’t get it done.

I’m lucky my Christmas lights are down thanks to a break in the weather the first week of January. However, I did miss a couple of strands on a tree in the front yard – so they aren’t all down, but should be when I’m home and the weather isn’t snow drenched.

To top it off, my son is disappointed that my 3DS can’t connect to my hotel wi-fi. He was hoping he could play Mario Kart with me when I was on the road. Next trip out I’ll have a wifi adapter packed so I can turn my machine into a hot spot.

I just wanted to vent. I hope you enjoy the picture of the A-Team van I found in Omaha Nebraska.

Back to it….