Online Activity for 2008-09-23

My complete and daily online activity for you to go all voyeuristic on. Yesterday 1:05am Creeva posted an item on Each Day. [Creeva.Com] Online Activity for 2008-09-22 6:09am Creeva published 6 blog posts on MySpace. (Show Details) Online Activity for […]

The Crossposting God Series Part 5 – Myspace

Picture from here Myspace. Myspace. OK, I’ve repeated it a couple times I think I’m ready to actually talk about it.  Unlike some other services where I explain the community and the functions, I’m going to refrain from doing that […]

Internet Deadman’s Switch Part 1

One thing I’ve been working on for awhile is and Internet Deadman’s Switch.  With all of my crossposting and media re-usage activities in the grand scheme this should be fairly trivial.   I am sure however that some things will slip […]