Online Activity for 2008-09-25

My complete and daily online activity for you to go all voyeuristic on. Yesterday 1:00am Creeva posted 2 items on Xanga. (Show Details) Online Activity for 2008-09-24 Online Activity for 2008-09-24 1:00am Creeva posted 2 items on Vox. (Show Details) […]

Friends and Businesses

Picture from here I originally wrote this for Journey to Get Paid published here. It seems more and more of my past associates and friends are starting businesses, mostly ones dealing with a tech front. You have Shea who seems […]

Teachers on Strike in My Hometown

Picture from here A couple weeks ago when the VCMA had their concert in Vermilion, OH there were school teachers wandering around the downtown area (the picture above is not my hometown) protesting.   I can’t say I understand completely what […]