Online Activity for 2008-12-10

My complete and daily online activity for you to go all voyeuristic on. 2:03am Creeva shared a link on Google Reader. Gibson’s self-detructing poem Agrippa: screen-movie 1:16pm Creeva updated their status on Facebook. Brent running anti virus reports …………. 1:17pm […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-22

Update Journey to Get Paid: While you may be read this from one of several sites or feeds, the homep.. # Update Launched I opened up my newest online diary that’s targeted, jour.. # Update Unnamed Poem: […]

Unnamed Poem

so far the magic swirled Mystery demented and tortured flowed through twisted flesh The rot of perfume raped the sinuses I’m lost in wanting I’m found in satiation I’m a fellow that to you I surely will jest Quipped and […]