First Night With The N810

A couple days ago I asked the blogosphere should I get an N810 and like the blogosphere normally answers I got nothing back. That’s fine, I’m used to talking to myself on my blog.  However I decided that I would […]

Very Sneaky Way to Lessen Bandwidth Twitter

I got a message from @ev that he was playing with a new service that gave recommendations on who to follow on Twitter.   The service he was playing with is which for me suggested a bunch of people, I […]

Internet Deadman’s Switch Part 1

One thing I’ve been working on for awhile is and Internet Deadman’s Switch.  With all of my crossposting and media re-usage activities in the grand scheme this should be fairly trivial.   I am sure however that some things will slip […]

Two Socialthing Invites Available

Socialthing is a cross between a lifestreaming service and Spokeo.   The closest site I can directly compare it to is friendfeed.   If you are interested in an invite, the first two comments on this post located on will get […]