We Are Having A Baby

When I say we are having a baby – I don’t mean in the abstract sense that it’s happening soon.  Literally we are having a baby right now.  This post like most of them I am writing ahead of time, […]

My Hosting Debacle and Resolution

Last Saturday morning my blog was down for the count.  I had received an email from Are My Sites Up stating that Creeva.com was down.   It told me that my blog went down late night on Friday.    I verified on […]

I Suck At TODO lists

Picture from here One thing my wife has been on me about is getting things done in a timely manner.   Some things are mounting with the pressure of the baby’s emminent arrival.   So I’m back in the eternal effort of […]

Online Activity for 2008-11-04

My complete and daily online activity for you to go all voyeuristic on. Yesterday 9:37am Month Of Mom – Part 4 – Still In Ohio 9:49am Creeva updated their status on Facebook. Brent Voted – wrote in Ron Paul. 10:05am […]